Intergalactic Currency

In our board game ‘To The Moon And Back’ you can only win if you are the first to earn enough money to get a coveted visa. In space people don’t pay with dollars, euros, pounds or yen, but with a special intergalactic currency, the lunar.

These banknotes bear icons from the history of space travel. It is not always easy to select these icons. We have already chosen four of them. For the final two, we need your help.

The dog Laika (10 lunar), Yuri Gagarin (20 lunar), Maria Tereshkova (50 lunar) and Neil Armstrong (500 lunar) have already made the cut. Now it is up to you to decide who lands on the 100 and 200 lunar notes. In the first round, which will be open to everyone, we will choose a person for the 100 lunar notes.

At the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we will also choose someone for the 200 lunar notes in a second round. This round will only be accessible to those who have backed us on Kickstarter.

The first round runs from September 15 to September 29. We have already selected a number of very interesting people. You can vote for your favourite using the link below. On September 30 we will announce the winner.

Vote for your favourite via this form!

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